About This Site

If you arrived at this site expecting it to be the official site of European Property Coin you are in the wrong place. This site is not associated with that company. If it was your intention to visit their site you should immediately navigate away from this site. This website publishes information for investors who bought fake coins from European Property Coin and would like to know more about the parties involved in structuring, promoting, servicing and/or operating this product. In addition we hope to give investors some guidance on how they may recover their money.   

Safe Or Scam LLC

We are Safe Or Scam and we act on behalf of concerned investors.

We review investment products and advise on recovery options. We work with legal teams to investigate all aspects of an investment with the aim of prosecuting those involved and recovering an investor’s money.

We challenge developers, project owners, sales agents and third parties involved in a project to justify the claims made in correspondence and promotional material.

We are currently working with investors who bought fake coins from European Property Coin. With our assistance these investors are taking action to recover their investment.

If you are an investor or have any information on the companies mentioned in this website or the people involved, we would like to hear from you.

Books For Website ImageThe Investment

Investors were persuaded to pay money for an alleged digital currency called European Property Coin. This crypto-currency was supposed to be asset-backed by European property. Investors were sent a USB stick containing long series of numbers which the owner of the scam described as individual digital coins. It was all false and an attempt to defraud ordinary investors.

Books For Website ImageThe Companies

European Property Coin was owned by Clear View Marketing Services Ltd. This company was formed by Florian Pierini who then handed over to a new director called “David Jones”. This is a fake name. Money was collected by Yasir Gul of Know Tax (High Wycombe) Ltd who also owns G and S Accountants (www.gsaccountants.co.uk). Mr Gul dissolved Know Tax in May 2018 without filing accounts for two years. He is an accountant and should know that it is an offence not to file closing accounts.

Books For Website ImageThe People

Florian Pierini and David Jones (false name) of Clear View Marketing Services;

Vanessa Bashorun and Yomi Bashorun of Cercle 6 Ltd, a major sales agent company;

Yasir Gul of Know Tax (High Wycombe) Ltd – the money collector.

There are a host of names associated with European Property Coin as sales agents. Most of those names are fake because the sales agents do not want to give their real names.