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The Facts

Clear View Marketing Services Ltd claims to run “a trading floor” from its office on the 37th Floor of One Canada Square, London. SOS sent an investigator to the building. The 37th Floor is rented in its entirety by Regus, the serviced office company. There is no company permanently based on the 37th Floor. Regus rents out rooms by the hour to clients who want to hold meetings in a nice environment. Regus also provides a postal collection service for companies like Clear View who want to give the impression of having an office in central London but are actually con-men working from home.

Some of the people who investors have been dealing with at Clear View are using false names. These include James Newton, James Parker, Emily Sampson and Emily Carr.

In many cases investors were asked to send their money to Know Tax (High Wycombe) Ltd. The owner of that company has complained that he doesn’t like us highlighting his involvement but he has yet to explain where our clients’ money went and how he came to be involved.

The serial numbers people have been sent on a USB stick are not digital currency. They have no value whatsoever. It is a fraud. The con-men publish a fabricated graph showing the rise in value of the coins from 10p to more than 50p each. It is completely fake designed to encourage investors to pay more money and buy more of the worthless serial numbers.

Clear View have not bought any property to provide the asset-backed security they promised. They have run off with investors’ money.

There never was any intention to float the company to provide an exit for investors. It was all just a smokescreen.

However, con-men always make mistakes….. we are onto them and expect to be in a position for our clients to take action to recover their money in 2019.

We will be issuing updates via our blog page on a regular basis.